Mar 31 2013


tcpdump -n host and not port 22 and not arp and not igmp and host

tcpdump commands chain. use  host, port, proto  or “not arp” etc. and “and” as chain


-w to write a file

-s 65535 for max possible size.

example to read in realtime packets:

tcpdump -XX not port 22 -s 65535

Mar 10 2013

ethersex – netio – dht11 (dht22 not working yet)

yes, ethersex has included now dht11 (cheap humidity and temperature sensor – 1 wire similar digital protocol)


here are some task I needed to do in order to get that working:

– scripts/add-hardware netio_local

then edit the newly created user file: pinning/hardware/user_netio_local.m4

for my lcd hd47780, yours maybe different pins:

dnl user_netio_local.m4
dnl Pin Configuration for 'user_netio_local'. Edit it to fit your needs.

/* onewire port range */

/* port the enc28j60 is attached to */

/* DHT 11/22 humidity and temperature sensors */
pin(DHT, PA7, INPUT)

pin(HD44780_RS, PD3)
pin(HD44780_EN1, PB0)
pin(HD44780_D4, PD4)
pin(HD44780_D5, PD5)
pin(HD44780_D6, PD6)
pin(HD44780_D7, PD7)

pin(HD44780_RW, PD2)

pin(HD44780_BL, PB1, OUTPUT)


make menuconfig

then make

then you have your hex file ethersex.hex

upload this file to your avr / netio .

I have a atmega32 inside, and it is filled up to the top. so space is an issue here.

99.8% full 🙂

I have activated i2c, 1wire, dht, hd44780, vfs, httpd

Mar 8 2013

Oktolight 16 is ready

full new design. now on atxmega128a1u and atxmega128a1 .
1khz pwm. same size and price as oktolight 8


106 mm x 63 mm x 23 mm

smallest as possible oktolight for 16 channels so far. specially the height with 2,3 cm is amazing, you can squeeze it now everywhere in 🙂

so no master and no slave anymore. to complicated and too many devices. 🙂
you have now only 1 device and decide if you want to use 1, 4, 8,16 channels. Oktolight 16 is working great with boblight-enigma2, boblight and atmolight. And indeed with oktolight.exe. 🙂

oktolight-16Foto 1

Foto 2

Foto 5