Feb 14 2009

[PS3 UPNP] Dreambox + mediatomb & PS3 = null problemo !


1. get precompiled ppc version of mediatomb from mediatomb download site
2. extract on your dreambox hdd (ex: /hdd/mdeiatomb)
3. edit config/config.xml as following:

<protocolInfo extend="yes"/>
// for german characters
<import hidden-files="no">


 // if you want to see your mpgs etc

    <map from="mpg" to="video/mpeg" />
    <map from="m2v" to="video/mpeg" />
    <map from="gif" to="image/gif" />
    <map from="jpg" to="image/jpeg" />
    <map from="png" to="image/png" />
    <map from="ts" to="video/mpeg"/>
    <map from="vob" to="video/mpeg"/>
    <map from="wav" to="audio/wav"/>
    <map from="mpg" to="video/mpeg"/>
    <map from="aac" to="audio/x-aac"/>
    <map from="m4a" to="audio/mp4"/>
    <map from="mkv" to="video/x-matroska"/>
    <map from="mov" to="video/x-quicktime"/>
Additional XML formats
        <treat mimetype="audio/wav" as="wav"/>
        <treat mimetype="video/x-quicktime" as="mov"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-ms-wma" as="wma"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-ms-asf" as="asf"/>
        <treat mimetype="audio/x-aac" as="aac"/>
        <treat mimetype="video/x-ms-wmv" as="wmv"/>
        <treat mimetype="video/x-matroska" as="mkv"/>
restart mediatomb, and that's it: