Apr 24 2018

which program prevent windows 10 go sleep mode

powercfg -requests

C:\WINDOWS\system32>powercfg /Requests






will list the state of the exe’s.


sfc /scannow will check filesystem for corrupt files when required.

Sep 27 2017

Excel: How to count backwards / reverse / counting down with autofill

this simple approach might get complicated and have many ways to resolve, but here is my suggested solution:

counting down from 4 to 0,  use: =5-row(A1)

this might be useful if you want to transpose also the direction.

A                B
Head               formular

Index1                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A1))
Index2                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A2))
Index3                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A3))

counting down from 4 to 2 🙂

Sep 17 2017

locale on linux

first check what's set:
 sudo locale
second create the missing one with:
 sudo locale-gen "en_US.UTF-8"
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

source: https://askubuntu.com/questions/162391/how-do-i-fix-my-locale-issue


Mar 25 2017

speed up SSH login

turn off reverse DNS lookups:
"UseDNS no" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Apr 16 2016

Excel – Switching languages back and forth

if you accidentally clicked SHIFT + LEFT ALT key, the keyboard switches the input language. you in German keyboard input you will receive an Z if you want to enter a Y. Just click on LEFT-SHIFT + LEFT-ALT key once and release, you should be back (or next language).

in order to disable the short cut, better go to control panel:
Language settings, advance, disable the keyboard short cuts (click on no action on the radio buttons)

what an annoying and useless feature for 95% of the users…

Oct 20 2015

espeak – mb-de5 kann meinen namen nicht?

espeak mit mbrola kann plötzlich meinen namen nicht mehr aussprechen…
mbrola: Warning: t-EI unkown, replaced with _-_
oktay = okt ?

man kann die entsprechende phoneme datei ändern (suchen mit find /usr -name “mb-de*”)
vi /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/espeak-data/voices/mb/mb-de5
replace 0 EI aI

Oktay = Oktay 🙂

Folgendemaßen läßt sich die alternative Aussprache ermitteln:
espeak -v mb-de5 “Oktay” –pho

EI 77 0 153 80 144 100 144

espeak -v mb-de5 “Oktai” –pho (–pho gibt mbrola phoneme aus)

aI 77 0 153 80 144 100 144

Sep 29 2015

mutt – without authentication – plain login


set from = "info@mail.com"
set realname = "name lastname"
set smtp_url="smtp://user:pass@domain.com:25"
set smtp_authenticators="login:plain"
set ssl_verify_dates = no
set ssl_verify_host = no
set ssl_starttls=no
set ssl_force_tls=no

Jun 11 2015

Mediwall – A waiting room monitor for patient’s

Mediwall works now fine since almost 2 years in a medical office in Dortmund City.
So it’s time to provide some more information soon.
To see it in action, please visit Dr. Akin Kara’s medical office.

I will post soon demo videos, information and pictures.

stay tuned. In the meanwhile you can contact me via email to get more information’s.


info – at – ok t a   y.c o m

Feb 1 2015

ffmpeg join / concate 2 or more ts video files

first cut your video file:
ffmpeg -i gekocht.ts -ss 56:21 -t 9:27 -c:v copy -c:a copy part2.ts
-t = length

then concat

ffmpeg -i "concat:part1.ts|part2.ts" -c copy out.ts

Dec 14 2014

433 mhz antennen länge

Lambda = c / f
Lambda = 300.000.000 / 433000000
0,6928406466512702 meter

Lambda /4
0,1732101616628176 meter
17,3 cm

c= 299 792 458 m/s, but for sake of simplicity use 300.000.000