Oktolight 16 is ready

full new design. now on atxmega128a1u and atxmega128a1 .
1khz pwm. same size and price as oktolight 8


106 mm x 63 mm x 23 mm

smallest as possible oktolight for 16 channels so far. specially the height with 2,3 cm is amazing, you can squeeze it now everywhere in 🙂

so no master and no slave anymore. to complicated and too many devices. 🙂
you have now only 1 device and decide if you want to use 1, 4, 8,16 channels. Oktolight 16 is working great with boblight-enigma2, boblight and atmolight. And indeed with oktolight.exe. 🙂

oktolight-16Foto 1

Foto 2

Foto 5

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