Sep 27 2017

Excel: How to count backwards / reverse / counting down with autofill

this simple approach might get complicated and have many ways to resolve, but here is my suggested solution:

counting down from 4 to 0,  use: =5-row(A1)

this might be useful if you want to transpose also the direction.

A                B
Head               formular

Index1                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A1))
Index2                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A2))
Index3                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A3))

counting down from 4 to 2 🙂

Sep 17 2017

locale on linux

first check what's set:
 sudo locale
second create the missing one with:
 sudo locale-gen "en_US.UTF-8"
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales