Jan 11 2012

Oktolight master 8 port smd is ready

Here we go , brand new and ready. 3 mcu powered 8 channel master with one (spi) output to the next 8 port smd slave. So 3 slaves an 1 master would be sufficient for 32 channels.

see it in action on youtube

if the above video does not work for you, use this one, without music

with music, might not work in every country. then see video above without music…







Oct 7 2017

Raspberry Pi – determine version of rpi

cat /proc/device-tree/model 

output on rpi 1b:
Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2

output on rpi 3b:
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2

Sep 27 2017

Excel: How to count backwards / reverse / counting down with autofill

this simple approach might get complicated and have many ways to resolve, but here is my suggested solution:

counting down from 4 to 0,  use: =5-row(A1)

this might be useful if you want to transpose also the direction.

A                B
Head               formular

Index1                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A1))
Index2                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A2))
Index3                =index(a$2:a$4;5-row(A3))

counting down from 4 to 2 🙂

Sep 17 2017

locale on linux

first check what's set:
 sudo locale
second create the missing one with:
 sudo locale-gen "en_US.UTF-8"
 sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

source: https://askubuntu.com/questions/162391/how-do-i-fix-my-locale-issue


Mar 25 2017

speed up SSH login

turn off reverse DNS lookups:
"UseDNS no" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Dec 20 2016

Windows 7 Update – fix it

1. Disable Windows Updates
2. install following KB updates,

3. Activate Windows Update again and try again.

Nov 29 2016

fix windows 7 mbr

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd
select disk [Nummer] (Windows Festplatte auswählen)
list partition
select partition (auf der windows installiert ist)
dann neustarten und daumen drücken.

Apr 16 2016

Excel – Switching languages back and forth

if you accidentally clicked SHIFT + LEFT ALT key, the keyboard switches the input language. you in German keyboard input you will receive an Z if you want to enter a Y. Just click on LEFT-SHIFT + LEFT-ALT key once and release, you should be back (or next language).

in order to disable the short cut, better go to control panel:
Language settings, advance, disable the keyboard short cuts (click on no action on the radio buttons)

what an annoying and useless feature for 95% of the users…

Oct 20 2015

espeak – mb-de5 kann meinen namen nicht?

espeak mit mbrola kann plötzlich meinen namen nicht mehr aussprechen…
mbrola: Warning: t-EI unkown, replaced with _-_
oktay = okt ?

man kann die entsprechende phoneme datei ändern (suchen mit find /usr -name “mb-de*”)
vi /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/espeak-data/voices/mb/mb-de5
replace 0 EI aI

Oktay = Oktay 🙂

Folgendemaßen läßt sich die alternative Aussprache ermitteln:
espeak -v mb-de5 “Oktay” –pho

EI 77 0 153 80 144 100 144

espeak -v mb-de5 “Oktai” –pho (–pho gibt mbrola phoneme aus)

aI 77 0 153 80 144 100 144

Sep 29 2015

mutt – without authentication – plain login


set from = "info@mail.com"
set realname = "name lastname"
set smtp_url="smtp://user:pass@domain.com:25"
set smtp_authenticators="login:plain"
set ssl_verify_dates = no
set ssl_verify_host = no
set ssl_starttls=no
set ssl_force_tls=no

Jun 11 2015

Mediwall – A waiting room monitor for patient’s

Mediwall works now fine since almost 2 years in a medical office in Dortmund City.
So it’s time to provide some more information soon.
To see it in action, please visit Dr. Akin Kara’s medical office.

I will post soon demo videos, information and pictures.

stay tuned. In the meanwhile you can contact me via email to get more information’s.


info – at – ok t a   y.c o m