lircmap.xml in kodi / xmbc raspi2

I was missing the submenu button on my x10 rc for my raspi2 kodi setup. Following step where needed in order to set submenu button on the lower right button:


disable power button. useless currently for raspi, since it will turn on again. So I put mute there . And KEY_C for submenu.
# 0x02 KEY_POWER
0x3a KEY_C

to read the table for lirc at startup
file .config/
#/usr/bin/ir-keytable -c ; ir-keytable -w /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/medion_x10 ; ir-keytable -r
/usr/bin/ir-keytable -w /storage/.config/rc_keymaps/medion_x10

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